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Online Counselling Sessions

Maybe you don't have time for a scheduled hour a week face to face session.  Maybe its difficult to commit to this because of your job or family. Maybe you find the thought of it a bit daunting.  There is another way.  

What does online counselling involve? 

Initial Discussion 

We start with an email questionnaire.  You tell me all about yourself and what you want to achieve from our sessions.  We will follow this up with a scheduled 30 minute phone discussion.  


Based on our discussion, I will send you two email assignments per week.  This could be keeping a daily log of your feelings; reflection on a particular event in your past; reaching out to a friend or trying a new activity.  The assignments are bespoke to you and your needs and designed for you individually.  You can do them in your own time and will hopefully become a meditative and beneficial part of your weekly routine.   

Weekly Review 

At the beginning of each new week, we discuss progress, any new goals identified and feedback on your experience of the assignments.  This takes place in our weekly scheduled 30 minute phone discussion.  I will also provide you with reading material, helpful articles and email support, based on your particular goals.  

Who is online counselling for? 

As the sessions and assignments I provide are bespoke, it is really suitable for any type of problem, so please do enquire and we can decide together what is best for you.  Having said this, online counselling can be particularly helpful for confidence boosting, anxiety and/or depression, addiction, isolation, relationship problems, abuse and co-dependency issues. 

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