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Did you know the following HSE facts?

  • 12.5 MILLION working days last year were lost due to work related stress, depression or anxiety

  • Providing all employees with a free, confidential counselling service can be viewed as part of an employer’s duty of care

  • Welfare counselling provided for employees is exempt from tax


I offer half-day courses that can help your staff manage stress and teach your managers how to counsel their own staff effectively. 

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Stress Management Course - for Employees

Stress Management Course - for Managers

Help your staff to cope.  This course will explain what stress is, the impact on your business, and how to reduce and manage stress.  The delegates will be led to examine the following issues and implement these into their working days:

  • Causing less stress at work

  • Being a better boss/employee

  • Communicating effectively with your boss

  • Delegation

  • Setting objectives and priorities

  • Time management

  • Team work and understanding the objectives of others

  • And more!

Help your managers to counsel their staff, so as to reduce problems and enable them to achieve goals.  The managers will learn about and gain knowledge of how to:

  • Identify any staff who may need counselling and be able to carry out successful counselling sessions.

  • Reduce tension and create a positive and happy work environment

  • Deal with in-fighting and destructive behaviour

  • Help staff to set achievable goals and manage their time

  • Improve teamwork, personal growth and effectiveness

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